We will be meeting in room 101 (through the door right of main gallery stairs and then the open door on the right) at 6:30pm. These last weeks have been pretty rough for me so I forgot to send something out earlier. Sorry for the late notice!!! We will be going over the specifics and ideas for the porn zine. I will also bring the artist telephone booklet things we did the first week if we want to do that. 

Plans for Collab Club

I have some plans for next semester. Obviously none of these are final! I want the decisions for the group to be more democratic. I am not a dictator. So our first half semester was a blast, but… well it was disorganized and not what I had really envisioned the group to be, you know? I am not surprised since I started it mid-semester, but I want future semesters to be better, more productive, and actually a good learning environment for real collaborative projects that actually span a length of time. This means this group will be more of a commitment, but no work will be required to be completed outside the group. Even if you can’t for sure come every day, you may still come and help the group(s) with labor, talents, and critiques. This sounds really ambitious (and it is), but I am hoping it will work.

Broad Ideas:

1. 2 group projects- first no limits, second a supplies limits from first projects
2. Either random groups, chosen groups, or as a whole group - I am leaning towards random groups so no one feels unwanted or if our club is small, as a whole group.
3. Work on the project is only done during club time/only required to work on project during club time
4. This—especially random groups—will prepare us for collaboration and the problems that arise in the field.
5. Maybe we can find a space to display these projects.
6. We will have new freshmens and people actually seeing our group during club fair, so we will gain more friends/connections.
7. Learn ours and others strengths in order to complete the best project we can possibly do.
8. We can use our budget to buy supplies wisely instead of blowing it on pizza and donuts willy nilly. 
9. We grow as artists!!!!!!!!!!!